The quilt teaches us that there is a story and that there are different ways to deal with pain when have a deadly disease. The multiple techniques of therapy have brought people to peace and families closer together. People who are infected with HIV/AIDS commonly have depression, Stress and grief. They will go through the five staged of grief being in denial of the disease and the patient might want to have multiple test done or another opinion due to disbelief. The person might have anger towards the person how gave them the disease. Bargaining for their life as having HIV/AIDS is a death sentence and that their lives are over. That leads to depression of the thought of dying soon. The person how does have HIV/AIDS also has high amounts of stress due to the financial demands of medication of treatment of this disease. These tense and depressing times are what therapy is need for. Therapy is to help Romantic relationships, relationship with family and help Couples counseling. Family counseling is good for helping break the news to family and the support of the family. Person who are suffering from this disease have a hard time telling their family due to the fear of stigmatization. There is Couples counseling to guide those who have serodiscordant relationships, which means a relationship where one person is infected, and the other is not. Couples counseling foe those relationship where both partners are HIV positive and one is dying of AIDS. The healthier partners and experience survivors guilt and fear the progression of the virus on their body. In conclusion therapy is made to help people who are suffering have reassurance that life is still possible and that are there are some aspects in their life they can control. Therapy reminds people that the mental health is just as important as physical health.

Using the research of majority of objects of the quilt I was able to come up with an analysis of the person Robert W. Burchill.  Having a  deathly disease can impact a person and their family members. Having different ways to cope in needed to get people through the grieving process. The thousands of people that had been infected with this disease and that are apart of the aids quilt could have used many of these techniques to help them to cope and live out the remainder of their lives. Having the teddy bear technique allowed a playful and child like way to cope with many fears and stressful situations. The teddy bear could have represented a child like wonder about Robert. A  teddy near that is harmless and comforting that can represent a person well or used to help guide him a softer approach to not create any anxiety. Robert could have been the teddy bear to his family and friends to guide them through the process he was going through and he was comforting them. The white masked used for masquerade balls could have represented the last time ” Going out with a bang.”People who know there are going to die then to try to do activities in life before they go. Burchill’s request could have been to attended to a classy elegant party and given by my research the Damien Church could have possibly started a masquerade ball in honor to support their fellow catholic. The piano in the quit allowed to believe that Robert played the piano and was musically talented . This connected my research with music therapy. he could have played beautifully on the piano in order to help him coupe with the stress and depression and ease him into musical notes of bliss. This relaxed him for an easy transition. The red lilies in the quilt  could have been the positivism that he needed while being in the hospital.There is an  experimental study that allows people to been optimistic and healthier but have assorted plants or flower in the room of the patient. It created n green environment that is “Universally plants and flowers are recognized as a symbol for expression of love thoughts feelings and emotions that cannot convey with words” (Doyle 1994). Given all the data and research I have applied to the conclusion of techniques of therapy that is used to easy people can be any object, I would for Robert to have so many that could be related to therapy meant that he was having a hard time copping and did on of activates to keep his mind busy. He seems like an advertises and talented type of guy I wish I could have met.