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Writing and Researching

What I think about writing and research, I believe you have a have a constant imagination or people who can help you branch off ideas. Its if very easy to get stuck when researching and not know where to turn to and it may feel like a dead end or that you are repetitive of the same idea of the topic. When in comes to writing, it depends on what you understand or what you think that your professors looking for even though you’re not fully aware of what your doing or how it relates to assignment. Writing and Research to me is a maze with no goal. You can try to find different way and pathways but if you don’t know what your doing or losing for you just walking in a maze.



What does the quilt teach is about therapy + HIV/AIDS

Mask identity therarpy :


Thesis question answered:

How tho

Support group therapy:

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Activity 4/10

Academic Title

  1. The affect therapy has on HIV/AIDS
  2. How does therapy relate to people living with HIV/AIDS?
  3. How does therapy help people with HIV/AIDS?

General Outline Questions

  1. How is the therapy techniques related to HIV/ AIDS EPIDEMIC?
  2. Has this role changed overtime?
  3. How does therapy impact the LGBT… Community
  4. How does therapy help with the families?
  5. What is the psychoanalysis for people who are infected with AIDs compared to people who are born with AIDs?
  6. How is therapy helpful to the HIV/AIDS epidemic?



Notes on The Housing Affordability Act: Making Supply Meet Demand

  • She stared her introduction with logical facts and statistics.
  • She Quotes universities and provide a time frame from which events occurred.
  • She starts the introduction with the problem of housing coming to an  question by the 3rd paragraph and answers her argument.
  • She explains solutions tot he housing problem and credit them with sources.

Activity#2: 3/29

Beyers, Leandri, et al. “An Introduction to Teddy Bear Therapy: A Systems Family Therapy Approach to Child Psychotherapy.” Journal of Family Psychotherapy, vol. 28, no. 4, Oct-Dec2017, pp. 317-332. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/08975353.2017.1301156.

Leandri Beyers is an clinical psychologist in Johannesburg, South Africa. She explains the psychological affect of using a teddy bear in therapeutic session.   This allows the children to interact with the therapist in on nonthreatening way.  She states ” This is an actual teddy bear that is introduced to the child at the first session, and which accompanies the child home and to successive sessions(318)”. It allows the therapist to know detail about the children family and relationships. This information is useful because there was a teddy bear on the quilt of Robert Burchill. This allows me to make an connection Roberts innocence and the childlike thought of a teddy bear. This information can be useful for others understanding the different techniques that therapist use to connect with their patients.

AIDS in the U.S. Military

Anna describes Brian Cozart by the elements on his quilt, explaining the type of character Brian was and what he liked. She transitioned from his quilt to compare HIV/AIDS and the affect it has on the military policies. She explains the timeline of events that has occurred to the HIV/ AIDs throughout U.S military. Shes uses facts and statistics to support her argument . What could possibly be improved is if she had explained Brain in a personally way than just black a white facts.

Today’s Activities 3/27

Practice Thesis Statement

  1. The technique and devices used in therapy to help people who have HIV/AIDS to cope.
  2. Therapist use of different techniques to help people living with HIV/AIDS to prevent mental health issues.
  3. People living HIV/AIDS use therapy tactics to cope with this deathly disease.

The role that therapist play in the HIV/AIDS epidemic is helping those who are infected with disease to

Therapist used different techniques to  approach different

What is  controversial about that role?

what other therapist have been affected by HIV AIDS

Food Insecurity among Homeless and HIV

Library Scholarly Source: Parpouchi, Milad, et al. “Food Insecurity among Homeless Adults with Mental Illness.” Plos ONE, vol. 11, no. 7, 20 July 2016, pp. 1-14. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0159334.

Keyword Search Terms: Sex  work, Sex works, Sociology, Social Research.

WHY: Sex work  can be useful to the researcher because it shows how HIV is being contracted my homeless people wanting food for sex. Which spread HIV to others in that community because of sex work.

Other Sources Listed: Chiyaka, Tarisai, et al. “Reaching Young Women Who Sell Sex: Methods and Results of Social Mapping to Describe and Identify Young Women for DREAMS Impact Evaluation in Zimbabwe.” Plos ONE, vol. 13, no. 3, 15 Mar. 2018, pp. 1-12. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0194301.


The relationship between fraternities and AIDS

Fraternity and Sorority Membership, AIDS Knowledge and Safe-Sex Practices

 The students level of of knowledge when it comes to HIV/ AIDS and how to protect themselves against and dangerous disease.The likelihood of students finding sexual history of their partner and using condoms made them highly susceptible to the disease. Student obtaining more than one partner can increase the spread of the disease making more students unaware.Males are less likely to report safe sex practices. Fraternity or Greek society  are the least cautiousness when it comes to safe sex practices.

S K Ward ; S Ault., 1990Fraternity and Sorority Membership, AIDS Knowledge and Safe-Sex Practices,

Subculture and HIV/AIDS Epidemic

subculture is the fraternity that is represented in my aids quilt by Micheal Burchill. Apparently he was a apart of a university fraternity that was a huge part of his life where it was on his quilt.

the relationship between the subculture embodied  in the quilt and the HIV/AIDS epidemic is the homosexual man that was apart of a fraternity had been apart of the AIDS epidemic. It could have been a homosexual frat of that the culture of college allowed him to contract this deadly disease. Him furthering his education being apart of the college culture and atmosphere could have allowed him to contract aids and be apart of this epidemic.