Primary Source Descriptions

For Quilt block number 2100,

Unit 1: The quilt has a dark beige color with a red border around the quilt. There a black piano with grey white keys. There is light brown bear overlapping the keys of the piano and there are  eight white musical eighth notes that run off the quilt. There is a white mask on overlapping the piano. There is a Greek frat symbol the is phi sigma kappa. There are sixteen read lilies with long green stalks on the left bottom corner of the quilt.

Unit 2:On the top left-hand corner is the Greek letters that seems like it belongs a frat call Phi Sigma Kappa. The Greek letters are in a burgundy red that seem stitched on to the quilt with a white trim along each of the letters. The Greek sigma symbol is overlapping in the middle of the “E” and the “K”. Below the Greek symbols are flowers that are from the bottom of the quilt. They are tall red flowers that tower over each other with long green stems. The red flowers have a small yellow center in the middle of each flowers. There are two stalks of flowers that are side by side and the one on the right lays over the piano. The piano that is in the middle of the quilt and the largest item of the quilt have “Robert W. Burchill 1955-1991” in white stitch on top of it. The black piano has grey and white keys that lay vertical on the quilt. Overlapping the quilt is 3 music notes called eighth note. There are six eighth notes doing in a diagonal direction from the bottom of the keys to the bottom right hand corner of the quilt. What seem to be a 7th Eighth note key cut off by the red border of the quilt. Lastly overlying the piano keys in the top right-hand corner is a beige fabric teddy bear. The bear has black eyes and a black nose that sits on top of his brown mouth. The bears paws and stomach are cover with white fabric. These components with the grey background of the quilt.