Reading Response

RR1: Haltman would say to Sophie Woodward’s article ‘Material Culture” that given a small and the ability to find its significance to that culture is remarkable and provides society with the knowledge. Stated in Woodward’s article “In seeing the material properties of things as central to meanings an object might have.” There are many ways to look at an object and interpret the what it can represent in that culture, in comparison to Haltman test “the possibilities are virtually limitless- especially considering that no two individuals will read a given object the same way.”

RR2: What Ball would say about the “Pussyhat’” is the multiple opinions made to criticize the “pussyhat” used the different modes.  It was criticized by using a comment President Trump said and by the color and name of the hat about race and genitalia. Using linguistic modes by quoting president Trump’s statement” grab’em by the pussy” and the word choice of “pussy” for the name of the hat. They also used the visual mode by creating attention to the color of the hat representation.