Therapist Techniques


Leandri Beyes research of how to communicate effectively to children by using different, type of therapy technique. Using a teddy allows the therapist to resolve emotional and psychological difficulties. “When these experiences are characterized by instability and distress, they can have longstanding, detrimental effects on the child (Lahey, Geldard & Geldard, 1997, 2015)”.  Children have a hard time explain emotions and trouble due to their limited vocabulary compared to adults, so the teddy bear not only gives comfort to the child be enable the child to express their emotions in a nonverbal way. “The therapy involves engaging the child in a non-threatening way and using a variety of creative techniques to promote emotional or behavioral change (Shirk, 1988)”. “Hermine Hugh-Hellmuth was the first psychologist to practice psychoanalysis with children. She used systematic observation to psychoanalyze a child’s play which she would communicate to the child (Maclean, Yawkey & Pellegrini, 1984, 1986).”  Using the teddy bear allowed the therapist notice patterns and different ways of communication by “storytelling”.

THERAPY: Dr. Muhammad Ali Khan, a professor for the Horticulture Section in the Department of Agriculture and Sciences and his collogues conducted an experiment to evaluate how patients would react physiologically and cognitively towards having the arrangement of flowers and the foliage od plants. This study was conducted at the Hayattattabad Medical Complex Peshawar, Pakistan during the time 2014 through 2015. This study was created in two different groups where group A will have flowers and plants in their rooms and Group B will be without plants. The purpose of this study was to have a green environment that will Improve peoples sense and decrease stress and depression. “Universally plants and flowers are recognized as a symbol for expression of love thoughts feelings and emotions that cannot convey with words” (Doyle 1994). The results from the experiment allowed Group A to be more optimist and better health benefits. A green atmosphere created in hospitals due to foliage plants and flowers not only improves patients’ emotions and feelings, but also their physiologic responses, including brainwaves, heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension (Chang and Chen 2005).

MASK: On the quilt panel that I got from aidsquilttouch .org I found that it is a masquerade mask used to hid people faces during a ball. SO, Robert could have been a guy who got dress us in extravagant clothing with a white mask and went dancing at a ball. Following get researching the masquerade ball there is a church that holds balls in to raise money for the HIV/ AIDS center. This is a Church call Damien church center of HIV/ AIDS that Robert could have attendance to and joined that balls that the church was holding. The church was established around 1987 which matches the time line the Robert could have attend the church and that could also mean that Robert was catholic.

PIANO: Lucanne Magil Bailey developed a research on how music help patients with cancer cope with here disease. The use of songs in music therapy is effective in providing them with important means for support and tools for change (Bailey 1984).  This study was to help with the process of grieving by temporarily reducing the pain tension. This method of verbal communication creates “cognitive stimulation, the building of relationships, singing, and listening-can provide frameworks for tension release, integration, and pleasure” (Bailey 1984). The result of the music therapy is that is help build connections to the patients and their family and their well-being.

Conversion Therapy:  Conversion Therapy is a type of therapy used to change a person’s sexuality to heterosexual standards. This type o therapy is being promoted by the Republican party 2016 platform. The therapy practices include talk therapy and electroshock therapy. Electroshock therapy is when you electrocute the person to change their ideals.  An anonymous teenager spoke to the HuffPost press and described the tortures of conversation therapy. Apparently, parents will take their children on which they assume their child is homosexual and send them to a church where they held the conversion therapy at. In the Basement of the church they would use electroshock therapy and abuse to change these children that are minors. The anonymous boys stated” They made us into walking and talking robots for Jesus.” The treatment was so bad a lot the child committed suicide in the belief that there was something wrong with them and that they have ashamed their family. This horrible and cruel treatment of minor that are heterosexual are one the worst therapy’s related to the LGBT community.